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With Walter GPS, manufacturers can now generate application-specific tool solutions. A new function also allows engineers to order Walter Xpress drilling and reaming tools directly. All the functions the App already offers for standard drills are now also available for special tools for the first time.

The Walter Xpress system simplifies the ordering process for engineers.
The Walter Xpress system simplifies the ordering process for engineers.
(Source: Walter)

If no standard tool is available for a given application, Walter GPS offers to generate application-specific tools solutions via the ‘Walter Xpress button’. This button can be used to configure special drilling and reaming tools and order them online. Users can simply enter the application, machining method and material into the Walter GPS system and they are immediately given suggestions for a suitable tool solution. This will include cutting data that is tailored to their specific machining objective. In the default setting, this method is always the most cost-efficient solution. However, the objective can vary from one application to another. For example, some manufacturers may have different priorities, such as surface quality, productivity or process reliability instead.

After selecting the appropriate tool, Walter GPS first creates a dimensional sketch as a standard drawing. After an order is placed, within around 20 minutes this sketch is replaced by a quotation drawing based on the SAP data of the tool in the shopping basket. With this new function, Walter GPS users can order solid carbide and indexable insert drills and directly compare them. In addition to the drill bodies for indexable insert drills, the compatible indexable inserts can also be configured and ordered directly.

Furthermore, Walter GPS offers advanced options for intermediate diameters and step tools that have not been available until now. When ordered online via Walter GPS, Walter Xpress tools are delivered in around two to four weeks. Plans are in place to extend this new function so that it covers threading and groove turning in 2023.


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