AMB 2022 Future-proof machining and automation solutions

Source: Licon

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After two years of corona-related absence at trade fairs, Licon is presenting its new developments in the area of machine tools and automation at AMB Stuttgart 2022, Germany.

Four-spindle Liflex IV 244: advanced design for short cycle times and high consistently high machining quality in continuous operation.
Four-spindle Liflex IV 244: advanced design for short cycle times and high consistently high machining quality in continuous operation.
(Source: Licon)

The Liflex IV 244 four-spindle machine from Licon is designed for mass production of smaller cubic workpieces to achieve the highest possible output in a space- and time-saving manner. The machine configuration is based on the proven Liflex modular design, which allows a modular combination of individual machine components. The four motor spindles of the Liflex IV 244 are installed in a block set. The design creates identical conditions in terms of rigidity for all four spindles in the machining process. This ensures a reduction in cycle time as well as consistently high machining quality in continuous operation.

The greater the travel distances in the working area of a machine, the more likely linear motors are used in Liflex machining centers. Although these offer a considerable advantage in terms of drive speed, they also have a significantly higher power consumption as compared to ball screw drives. With currently rising energy prices, this is clearly reflected in operating costs.

With the most recent expansions in the twin-spindle range at spindle distances of 1,080 mm, 1,200 mm and 1,500 mm, innovations based on ball-thread drives have been developed. These innovations make electricity savings of more than 40 percent possible with less than just three percent output loss.

Another way to save energy costs is the minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) offered by Licon. At the customer's request, this can be installed instead of a conventional cooling lubricant system. In this way, the usual cooling lubricant pumps with generally high-power consumption can be dispensed with.

Integrated manufacturing solutions

The economic compulsion to reduce personnel costs in series production and thus the need for increased use of automated manufacturing solutions is constantly increasing. A key component of many automation solutions is the use of a six-axis flexible robot. Based on the application-specific gripper technology developed by Licon, workpieces can be transported fully automatically. For maximum precision, Licon grippers are precisely adapted to the specific fixture, which are also developed and manufactured in-house.

Licon stacking cell for even more advantages in capacity

Particularly in the case of smaller cubic workpieces, enormous productivity advantages can be achieved by stocking a higher number of raw parts and buffering finished parts directly at the line. This is possible with the Licon stacking cell. With the Licon stacking cell, the production line can run without personnel for several hours. Thus, in addition to other automation solutions from Licon, it ensures a further increase in the autonomy ratio of the total production time.


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