AMB 2022 Free market value appraisal for machine tools

Source: Press release MA Alexander Stark

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From 13 to 17 September 2022, the used machine experts at Gindumac will be represented for the first time at AMB 2022, the leading international trade fair for metalworking, in Stuttgart — and they will offer a very special service.

Gindumac offers free machine evaluation for machine tools at AMB 2022.
Gindumac offers free machine evaluation for machine tools at AMB 2022.
(Source: Gindumac)

In Hall 6, Booth D91 at this year’s AMB metal working companies can get free market value appraisals for their machinery. Gindumac is relying on a new evaluation concept, which includes machine condition, maintenance investments, delivery times for new machines, demand situation and production requirements in addition to the classic depreciation analysis.

“We are very much looking forward to the AMB. Being at the trade show for the first time as an exhibitor will be a very special experience for us,” says Gindumac Managing Director Benedikt Ruf. “We want to offer metalworkers direct added value for their production planning. With our valuation approach, we provide clarity on market values and marketing options. Production managers can use our support to optimize their machine park management to sell machines at the best possible time and price with the least amount of effort.”

For machining companies, it can be worthwhile to strategically include the sale of machines as a value driver in the decision-making process to reduce or increase machine capacity. As a first step, this means creating an awareness of the current value of the machines in use. With this knowledge, better decisions can be made to sell at maximum values and with best efficiency in terms of timing, capacity planning and maintenance requirements. Early pre-planning significantly increases the value potential and the ease of machinery transactions. Gindumac pursues the goal of creating a new awareness for the advantages of a strategic consideration of the resale of machines and actively supports the implementation.


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