New form tools Floyd shows good form with Schwanog turning system

Source: Floyd Automatic

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The machining of complex forms can be a significant challenge for manufacturers, especially if the batch size is considerable. Floyd Automatic Tooling can now provide very precise form tools for challenging material types thanks to the Schwanog range of form tool solutions.

The scope for the Schwanog form tools from Floyd is huge and extends way beyond ‘cut-off’ tools.
The scope for the Schwanog form tools from Floyd is huge and extends way beyond ‘cut-off’ tools.
(Source: Floyd Automatic)

When establishing complex forms, productivity and precision are of paramount importance. Nowhere is this more of a challenge than the machining of hard materials. Now, Schwanog and Floyd Automatic offer a solution with special form tools and form ‘cut-off’ tools that guarantee the smooth transition of contours, impeccable precision, surface finishes and component quality.

How is this achieved? Often it is difficult to manufacture more complex forms on the ‘cut-off’ side of a part using a standard ‘cut-off’ tool. In these situations, it is the application of a Schwanog form tool that can make the difference and ensure a smooth contour transition. Simultaneously, at the start of the next part, forms or corner breaks can be added. This results in a reliable tool with immense cycle time savings. Of course, the key requirement for success is the use of a twin-spindle turning centre. However, with a twin-spindle turning centre and Schwanog form tools, most complex forms can be manufactured process-safe with significant time savings due to adding of forms or corner breaks at the start of the next part.

According to the company, the scope for the Schwanog form tools from Floyd is huge and extends way beyond ‘cut-off’ tools. The series is suitable for external and internal turning, grooving and much more. Regarding external turning, grooving has emerged as a more efficient solution compared to single-point turning for almost all machine types in numerous industries. Floyd now offers various systems that are the perfect solution, as the Schwanog tools are individually manufactured to customer drawings. This makes the system available for various cutting widths and machine types. For example, the Schwanog system can be created with OD grooving tools, OD grooving tools for Escomatic and rotary transfer machines, shaving tools, skiving tools, modular MSIK systems and DCI Swiss-type grooving systems.

Depending on the contour, internal turning and grooving of parts can also be complex and very challenging. Compared to OD grooving, rigidity, coolant and chip removal play a more significant role. With 5 different tooling systems for ID machining, Schwanog offers a cost-effective solution for almost any application, regardless of whether it's radial or axial internal turning or grooving.

The form tool line also incorporates form drilling. This is one of the most frequently applied operations when machining precision small parts. The Schwanog form drills with exchangeable inserts are recommended wherever drilling tolerances are below ±0.02 mm. There is no need for adjustment during tool changes and the exchangeable insert is significantly more cost-effective than solid carbide form drills. If tighter tolerances or greater drilling depths are required, Floyd Automatic can offer Schwanog solid carbide form drills that are individually ground to suit sizes, specifications and material types.

For the machining of threads, there are a variety of processes for different components, thread profiles and thread pitches. Each process offers individual advantages for specific working conditions — and Schwanog can cater for them all. Whether it's OD or ID thread whirling single-point turning of OD or ID threads, Floyd Automatic can supply suitable solutions. This also applies to form milling tools for the machining of serrations, grooves and specially milled forms. This is complemented by the ability to provide a comprehensive offering of broaching tools for gear, groove and the machining of special shapes.

The wide range of tool and form options is supported by their depth of toolholder designs. So, whether it's square shank toolholders for basic VDI toolholders, cartridges for WEP and PWP tooling systems or customer-specific solutions, Schwanog can manufacture the solution.


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