GF Machining Solutions Flexibility, quality and savings with wire EDM solution

Editor: Briggette Jaya

GF Machining Solutions says its Agie-Charmilles Cut P series wire-cutting electrical discharge machine can do everything from producing very light surgical tools to machining a six-tonne die-casting mould. The Cut P machine series, according to GF, has been designed for demanding high-speed machining.

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The Agie-Charmilles Cut P wire EDM machine can be used in most critical applications in electronic components, automotive and medtech.
The Agie-Charmilles Cut P wire EDM machine can be used in most critical applications in electronic components, automotive and medtech.
(Source: GFAC)

Cut P has an Intelligent Power Generator that enables precision-parts and mould-and-die manufacturers to increase their cutting performance by 20%. The Cut P series has Automatic Slug Management as well as tooling and automation solutions, which are said to optimise machine uptime. Also, running costs are minimised thanks to functions such as Automatic Slug Welding, Automatic Slug Management, Eco machining, an improved econowatt function, automation readiness and ergonomics – which contribute to reduced time-to-market products and faster production at lower costs, GF says.

As the Cut P series can vary its performance, be it micro-machining or macro-machining, it helps manufacturers expand their business scope. The machine can achieve thermo-stabilisation and machining repeatability of down to 2 µm and finer surface finishes down to Ra 0.08 µm. Advanced taper accuracy below ten seconds with straightness, sharp contours and no lines is an easy job for the Agie-Charmilles Cut P series' Expert systems, GF notes. Its collision protection system prevents costly machine maintenance and ensures accuracy and reliability as well.

The Cut P series is also equipped with Smart and connected solutions. One example is the RFID chip, which is integrated into wires and filters and eliminates error risks. They facilitate the quick replacement of consumables, avert breakdowns, minimise stock and ensure process traceability, while System 3R’s Work-Shop-Manager and Cell-Manager software takes process administration and surveying to the next level: E-Tracking digitises process monitoring and traceability, and GF's R-Connect suite of modular digital services keeps manufacturers connected to their machines at all times. The Cut P series increases tooling life, reduces scrapped parts and allows manufacturers to work fully automatically.

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