Ferromatik Milacron Ferromatik gets on a good start in new premises and advocates continuity

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Ferromatik Milacron GmbH has now fully relocated to its new premises in Teningen, Germany, headed by Winfried Stöcklin as the Managing Director.

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Winfried Stoecklin, at the helm of Ferromatik Milacron, was appointed as Managing Director of APPT Europe in February this year.
Winfried Stoecklin, at the helm of Ferromatik Milacron, was appointed as Managing Director of APPT Europe in February this year.
(Source: Milacron)

Industrial technology company Milacron Holdings Corp., which serves the plastics processing industry, has just announced that its Ferromatik brand at Ferromatik Milacron GmbH has successfully relocated from its former German base in Malterdingen to a brand new site in Teningen, Germany. The new location, which has an office floor space of almost 900 m2 also has additionally nearly 1,000 m2 to house Ferromatik's engineering applications, services and support divisions. Ferromatik Milacron is now in the Brühlstrasse 10, 79331 Teningen.

At the helm of Ferromatik Milacron is Winfried Stöcklin, who will serve as the Managing Director of APPT Europe. Having been with the company for 35 years in various functions as a mechanical engineer, Stöcklin was very active with operational responsibilities for more than 20 years at the Malterdingen facility.


“We have revamped our European offerings,” said Stoecklin, who was appointed as MD in February this year. “Our main priority is to provide unparallelled services and support for our machines and deliver parts right away.” Stöcklin went on to say that Ferromatik Milacron will also be supplying the right packages over the full equipment life-cycle of the company's products and also provide value-added solutions to adapt machines to new applications to further increase their productivity.

Wide range of offerings

Among the company's wide range of offerings is its Milacron new Q-Series product line, which is said to provide latest servo-hydraulic technology in a toggle injection moulding envelope. According to the company, the Q-Series design is inspired by the durable MTs series, while adopting the proficiency of the F-Series. Combined, the Q-series, as such, offers high power when needed, and adjusts to lower the power as per requirement. The Q-Series can be built to suit ten-tonnage capabilities. The 500 to 5,500 kN-tonne machines support multiple injection frames to allow for a wide range of flexibility with each clamping tonnage. Its clamp kinematics offer enhanced velocities while delivering smooth and accurate operations. The eco-friendly design generates savings in electrical power consumption, cooling requirements and lower maintenance cost, the company notes.

A new machine, the Cincinnati-CE, is large tonnage, two-platen machine designed to meet the demands of the global automotive, appliance and other large-part moulding markets, will be available in Q1 of 2020. Proudly tagged with the name of Milacron’s home city of Cincinnati, the Cincinnati machine will be the leader in plastics solutions, leading the way to what’s next in plastics, Milacron claims.

The Cincinnati product line will expand Milacron's large-machine technology with a platform that adds performance and a shorter footprint. The Cincinnati’s enhanced machine specifications and performance are powered by proven Fanuc servo motor power packs for improved reliability, higher maximum mould weights, faster clamp speeds and added tonnage sizes. The improved machine layout and enhanced access to the eject and die areas is said to make operation, maintenance and servicing easier.

Ferromatik also offers Milacron Serv Tek that works to bring the industry’s most extensive line-up of services and tools to help customers, from parts, machinery service and consultation through to rebuilding/repurposing of older plastics machinery.

“We want to thank our customers for their trust and relationship through the last couple of years. We are counting on a continued reliable, stable and successful co-operation,” said Stöcklin.

Milacron continues to push the boundaries of possibilities in plastics with breakthrough products from leading brands including Milacron, Mold-Masters, DME, Ferromatik, Tirad and Cimcool.

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