Drilling and reaming Extended tool life: Walter develops new coating for drilling line

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Walter has launched a new Xtreme Evo Plus drill in the DC180 Supreme range, featuring an innovative Krato-tec coating technology and an in-house developed WJ30EZ grade with an AlTiN multi-layer coating. This development promises high cutting speeds and a 50 percent longer tool life.

The Krato-tec coating technology that has been specially developed for drilling and reaming tools.
The Krato-tec coating technology that has been specially developed for drilling and reaming tools.
(Source: Walter)

With its new Xtreme Evo Plus drill, Walter is launching a new tool in the DC180 Supreme product range. The Krato-tec coating technology that has been specially developed for drilling and reaming tools now extends the market potential of the solid carbide drills. This is a credit to the WJ30EZ grade that has been developed in-house at Walter with an AlTiN multi-layer coating that enables the drills to reach the highest cutting speeds. It also enables the drill to be used universally in all ISO materials from groups P, M, K, N, S and H.

When compared with alternate products, the DC180 Supreme has a tool life that is up to 50 percent longer. The drill with internal coolant channels can be used with emulsions, oil and minimum quantity lubrication (MQL). Its geometry incorporates a straight cutting edge that gives it a high level of stability and process reliability. Walter offers the DC180 Supreme with a diameter from 3 mm to 20 mm for a diverse range of applications.

As standard, Walter has introduced the DC180 Supreme in dimensions of 3XD in accordance with DIN 6537 short and also 5XD following DIN 6537 long to its range. The tool specialist can also offer special tools with intermediate sizes and step drills upon request with short delivery times via its Walter Xpress service.

The Walter Xtreme Evo Plus drills from the DC180 range are part of the Supreme product line. This line has been developed for large-quantity production runs and heavy-duty drilling operations. Thanks to its impressive tool life, high productivity and high wear resistance in demanding applications, the DC180 Supreme reduces costs and is ideal for difficult machining operations of ISO M and S materials. This makes the Walter Xtreme Evo Plus drills perfect for applications in the aviation industry. Moreover, the tool is also suitable for applications that demand the machining of a high number of bores, such as in the automotive industry. Further application areas include general mechanical engineering, mould and die making and the energy industry.


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