Knarr Expanded range

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Knarr has revealed several new additions to their product range. Take a look at all the newcomers and improved offerings of the company.

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The date marking stamps are just one of several components Knarr has to offer.
The date marking stamps are just one of several components Knarr has to offer.
(Source: Knarr)

Date marking stamps with latching function

Continuously good quality and stable production processes are the objectives of every production. A contribution to process reliability is made by the new date stamps. Unintentional movement of the adjusting insert and thus the incorrect marking of moulded parts is prevented by a latching function. Thus, the insert can be precisely aligned even at critical injection pressure. The locking mechanism is carried out without height adjustment. Three different types allow both press fitting, as well as mounting from the front or backside of the plate.

Magnetfix 360

A removable, magnetic ball allows a workpiece to be fixed exactly in the desired working position. The Magnetfix achieves a secure footing thanks to its magnetic base, which can be additionally screwed or equipped with anti-slap pads. The low weight and easy handling allow it to be used as a tool in a wide variety of departments — whether welding, deburring, polishing, engraving or quality assurance, according to Knarr.

Status indicator — magnetic

As an extension to the already available version of the status indicator, which is fixed on the tool, Knarr launches a removable magnetic version. High quality neodymium magnets allow a fixed positioning on the one hand, and uncomplicated and quick attachment, replacement or removal on the other.

Dial indicator holder

To monitor the injection position, Knarr offers a dial indicator holder, which can either be screwed or fixed in a magnetic holder version to existing or new tools. Both versions are equipped with a high-quality dial gauge from Mitutoyo. With a graduation of 0.01 mm, the dial indicator has a measuring range of 5 mm.

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Cable cover

Due to the flexible installation option, then channels do not necessarily have to be straight. The easy assembly and disassembly of the cover helps with cable replacement or other maintenance measures. Optionally supporting, individually adapted sheets can protect the channel against the finest dirt particles. The wire cover is available in six gradations with a width of 10.5 mm to 54.5 mm, as well as two different lengths (250/500 mm).

Marking stamp element

In addition to the latching function of its date stamps, Knarr standardises numerous other elements for product labelling. These include, for example, labels for recycling, food, CE or VDE as well as various material markings. In contrast to the typical inversely recessed engravings, also raised stamps are available. These are particularly suitable for use in foam and deep-drawing tools.

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