Cutting tools Expanded EWN boring head program eliminates vibration

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

UK — For any manufacturers involved in boring operations, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) is expanding the Big Kaiser Precision Tooling offering of boring heads.

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The EWN Fine Boring Head is also available with a imperial variant.
The EWN Fine Boring Head is also available with a imperial variant.
(Source: ITC)

The UK cutting tool manufacturer, ITC, has released two smaller sizes of the EWN Smart Damper precision boring heads — the CK1 and CK2. The new heads eliminate vibration in deep-hole finish boring with a patented damping system.

The additions make it the first time the EWN Smart Damper has been available in diameters below 32 mm, taking it down to 19.99 mm. The CK1 head has a length of 100 mm and the CK2 125 mm. The supplier’s modular CK/CKB system allows for versatility in the length of tooling combinations, giving the customer a maximum of 10XD boring that can run on nearly every major spindle interface.


All tools have through coolant facility and have three different insert holder options per head size. The EWN analogue head features a dial with Ø0.012 mm/div setting accuracy with vernier adjustment down to 0.0025 mm. The integral design of the new Smart Damper heads shortens the distance from the damping mechanism to the cutting edge, which can be a source of vibration. By shortening this distance, the new EWN produces improved damping effects on the tool assembly and this minimises chatter and vibration. The subsequent result is better surface finishes and improved metal removal rates.

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