EMO 2017 Exactly the right tool for every application

Author / Editor: Dr. Diethard Thomas / Rosemarie Stahl

At the EMO trade fair in Hanover, LMT Tools is expanding its product portfolio with a number of innovations for milling, threading and gear cutting. Users from the automotive, aerospace, energy technology, ­mechanical engineering, medical technology and mould and die-making industries receive new solutions to increase productivity in their individual machining applications.

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The Copy Max copy milling cutters promise high process reliability in terms of quality and tool life.
The Copy Max copy milling cutters promise high process reliability in terms of quality and tool life.
(Source: LMT Group)

Whether copy milling a single cutting edge (like the Copy Max 1 milling cutter) or 12 usable cutting edges per insert (like the Acu-Jet Double 6 Premium) the result is the same: The right tool for every application is always available. New precision tools are also being presented for machining high-strength or hardened materials, for example, the high positive face-milling cutter Multi Face H45 PRO4 or the Multi Edge 2-Feed mini. These are characterised by low cutting forces and a large material removal rate.


The new top performer for gear cutting is the robust Unify hob with indexable inserts. It covers the module range from 6 to 12. Its low diameter from 150 mm offers the advantage of very short process times, even on smaller machines.

The modular thread forming tap HPF Max is an efficient partner for serial production in the automotive industry and in mechanical engineering. A new carbide substrate, new coating and the optimised former geometry are decisive factors for its long tool life.

The Copy Max product family has grown. After the double-sided Copy Max 2 insert has proved its worth in mould and die-making, LMT Kieninger has now developed the one-sided Copy Max 1 plate. New tool holders have also been added. Cylindrical steel shaft versions, available in two different lengths, and the cylindrical bolt-on milling cutter are new to the product range. The extra tools are available with internal coolant supply.

Their particular strength is demonstrated by the Copy Max family when it comes to roughing and semi-finishing larger moulds and in the removal of rest material. Depending on the nature of the component, the customer can use either the one-sided or double-sided version of the Copy Max indexable inserts.

The long tool life of these tool designs – which has been increased by a factor of 4 when using both cutting edges on the Copy Max 2 – is based on both the high-performance Nanomould Gold coating and on the HQS (High Quality Sintering) manufacturing process. With this process, even more stable cutting edges can be achieved thanks to the increased mould pressure and a special design.

Many tool systems quickly reach their limits when roughing tool steel, stainless steel or even superalloys. LMT Kieninger has redesigned the Acu-Jet Double 6 Premium especially for this purpose and added the 12mm diameter indexable insert.

The result is a tool which offers maximum stability and process reliability and which provides improved economy thanks to the double-sided use of the cutting inserts. The indexable inserts can be used up to 12 times.

Cost-effective roughing depends on one thing: the maximum possible material removal rate. For modern machining centres, this doesn't just presume innovative milling tools; rather, it also requires a selection of cutting materials for modern materials. However, the requirements are not a problem for the milling cutters Multi Face H45 PRO4 and Multi Face P45 PRO 8 from LMT Fette. The first tool has high, positively adjusted inserts with four cutting edges each. The second version has positively adjusted inserts with eight cutting edges each. The load on the spindle is significantly reduced by this positive cutting edge geometry. Even on low-power machines, it is possible to achieve large material removal rates. This saves production time and machine costs and conserves resources.