Central filter systems Energy- and resource-saving large-scale microfiltration of cooling lubricants

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Clean grinding oils are important for efficient and high quality tool grinding. Vomat, based in Treuen, Germany, offers various filtration systems, including individual compact systems from the FA series and flexible central filtration systems (ZFA). These ZFA systems are modular and can be adapted to production requirements. If production capacities change, the system can be expanded accordingly.

Vomat's flexibly designable central filter systems (ZFA) consist of separate modules that can be flexibly combined.
Vomat's flexibly designable central filter systems (ZFA) consist of separate modules that can be flexibly combined.
(Source: Vomat)

Vomat offers a range of solutions that can be customised for both centralised and decentralised functions. According to Steffen Strobel, Sales Manager at Vomat, the company's centralised systems specialise in the filtration of fine particles from oils generated during grinding and other processes. Unlike some other methods, Vomat's systems use precise full-flow filtration based on the level of contamination, aiming for complete separation of clean and contaminated oil.

Modular design and functionality

Vomat's ZFA central filtration systems consist of modular units that can be assembled to meet specific customer requirements. The basic model is the ZFA 1200 with compact filter unit dimensions. The filter rating is between 3-5 µm and the design aims to provide clean oil even during the backwash process.

The systems also include a PLC-controlled cooling unit designed to meet the requirements of the production process, and the machine supply pumps are matched to the machine performance. These bespoke configurations aim to minimise disposal volumes and drag-out losses. The waste material is automatically disposed of via a sedimentation unit directly into the recycling company's transport containers.

Control and monitoring

The central control system co-ordinates the modules and can also control external components. A remote control function allows for off-site monitoring and maintenance.

Strobel also explained that Vomat's systems can be scaled in 1,200-litre increments and offer various optional features for added flexibility. The company claims that its new generation of filtration systems allows cooling lubricants to remain in the system longer than traditional systems, potentially extending the life of grinding wheels and reducing maintenance and energy costs. Overall, the systems aim to provide efficient and resource-saving coolant filtration.


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