EMO 2019 / HIG EDM wires up to the challenge

Editor: Briggette Jaya

HIG, based in Austria, will be attending EMO 2019 in Hanover and present their range of EDM wires.

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HIG can be found in hall 13, booth C99.
HIG can be found in hall 13, booth C99.
(Source: HIG)

The company HIG (“Handel mit Industriegütern”) translates to “Trade with industrial goods”. Among these goods are EDM wires for metal processing via wire erosion (EDM). The technical demands of wire cutting and the customers require EDM wires in excellent quality.

The key factor for quality — besides the wire drawing — lies in the origin of the ‘mother wire’ (melting and casting). Here, Japan offers the best guarantee of quality for bare EDM wires, e.g. Sumitomo, according to HIG.

Since the beginning of its business activity — the end of the 80's — HIG’s R&D department’s task has been, and still is, to carry out regular audits with the erosion wire manufacturers in order to remain “authentic” in technical progress — now also with the patented pyroelectric coating technology — and in quality.

This way, HIG can offer its customers in Austria and beyond a range of coated and bare EDM wires for their technically demanding cutting tasks.