Precision Tools EDM machines for the die casting industry

Editor: Ahlam Rais

The production of die-casting, plastic mould injection tools and sheet metal working tools used mostly in the automotive industry requires extremely high precision, up to hundredths of a millimetre. The success of a part or a whole project can depend on these strict tolerances, hence, using the appropriate technology is key. Although they are not complete solutions in themselves, proper EDM machine tools are best suited to perform these tasks. This is exactly how Naton sees it, a Hungarian company that designs and manufactures precision tools exclusively for the die casting industry.

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Naton uses three Mitsubishi Electric EDMs to design and manufacture precision tools for the die casting industry.
Naton uses three Mitsubishi Electric EDMs to design and manufacture precision tools for the die casting industry.
(Source: CNC Media)

The machines at Naton consist of the latest milling machines, lathes, cylindrical and surface grinders, but — based on their orders — sinker and wire EDM machines are at the heart of the fleet. “We often have to machine thin ribs and parts that are hard to reach or resize holes when we are manufacturing customised tools. These tasks are impossible to perform with milling machines. They can only be manufactured within a hundredth of millimetre precision on wire EDMs,” says Géza Marton, one of the owners of Naton.

The company’s first wire EDM — a Mitsubishi Electric DWC90, no longer in use — was purchased when it was still operating in a limited partnership. “We made punching tools for a German company that manufactured tinker tools. They ordered in high volumes, and the DWC90 proved to be a really capable machine,” adds one of the owners. Thanks to the excessively positive experiences, Naton made an early commitment to the Japanese brand and has been working with Mitsubishi Electric EDMs exclusively ever since.

Strict requirements demand impeccable operation

The sole agent of the brand’s domestic distribution — M+E Szerszámgép Kereskedelmi — also played a significant role in the decision. It not only provided quick installation and comprehensive services for Naton but also supported the production with flexible rental options. For instance, an unforeseen capacity shortage at the company required it to expand its machine fleet with another Mitsubishi Electric EA28-V Advance sinker EDM. However, the machine with the required custom parameters was not available. The distributor then offered a rental option for a smaller machine as a temporary solution. “It was delivered quite quickly and smoothly,” states Marton.

Today, Naton uses three Mitsubishi Electric EDMs: the oldest one is an almost 10-year-old EA28-V Advance sinker EDM, that lately operates 24/7. The next machine acquired was an FA10-VS wire EDM that has also been working for a long time now. This one was not yet purchased from M+E but it has been providing the required services for a while now. Obtaining spare parts is not always easy for older machines, but this is not a problem for
Mitsubishi Electric and its domestic sales partner

Efficient and reliable machine fleet can ease production

Naton’s latest machine — an MV2400S Newgen wire EDM — was installed in early 2019 and has been operating smoothly till date. It’s characterized by high cutting speed and accuracy, and also consumes less power, thus guaranteeing economic production. Machines from the MV series feature the contact-free — also wear-free — Tubular direct drive, and the patented wire threading that ensures operator-free production. This fleet will be expanded with the EA28-V Advance, which at the same time replaces the small rental machine.

Naton’s example perfectly demonstrates how much an efficient and reliable, well-equipped and well-supported machine fleet can ease production. Although success requires many other factors, without good equipment, quality cannot be guaranteed.

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