Drilling Dormer Pramet's new multi-purpose solid carbide drills

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The machining industry has undergone significant changes with an increasing demand for superior, reliable products. In response, Dormer Pramet has launched a new range of multi-purpose solid carbide drills, highlighting their unique flute design for efficient chip removal and easier re-sharpening.

Solid Carbide Drills
Solid Carbide Drills
(Source: Dormer Pramet)

Dormer Pramet has launched a new range of multi-purpose solid carbide drills. At the heart of the company's new range are the Force X, Force M and Dormer R100/R120 drills. These products feature a special flute design with a continuously thinning web and rolled heel. This design is intended for effective chip removal and easier resharpening. With a micro-grain carbide substrate combined with a TiAlN coating, the drills are designed for wear resistance, making them suitable for a variety of materials including stainless steel, alloy steel and cast iron.

Dormer Pramet representative Tom Berrill highlighted the potential benefits of the R100 and R120 models, describing them as options for users looking for an alternative to high-speed steel (HSS) drills but with budget constraints. He also mentioned the Force X range as a potential balance between functionality and performance for general engineering machine shops.


From an R&D perspective, Luiz Junior commented on the adaptability and performance of the R100/R120 drills. He suggested that those looking for efficiency could consider the Force range.

The range of applications for these drills is wide. They are suitable for a variety of environments, from CNC machines to maintenance tasks in industries such as aerospace, automotive and construction. In particular, the Force X and Force M drills are highlighted for their potential flexibility and reliability, making them potentially useful to a wide range of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) professionals.


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