Food packaging Don't judge a can by its cover: Transparent cans hit the stores in Asia

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Packaging – Milacron has presented a can that is transparent. Together with S&W Fine Foods International, a Del Monte Pacific Ltd company, Milacron developed the product, which is already available on store shelves in Seoul, South Korea, and Shanghai, China.

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For the first time in food canning history, brands can show off the food they sell directly to the customer.
For the first time in food canning history, brands can show off the food they sell directly to the customer.
(Source: Milacron)

Milacron, a leading plastics technology company, announced that the Klear Can is a perfect substitute for the traditional tin can. It is said to be equally usable as the metal can. It is stackable and IML compatible. The Klear Can additionally uses the same industry standard can ends, seaming and retorting machiners as metal cans. Thus, the clear can can be integrated in existing production lines with only minimal adjustments.

The Klear Can is a patented co-injection moulded, polypropylene EVOH plastic can, which can be cooked and seamed meeting all industry standards. According to Milacron, it is BPA-free for safe food contact, recyclable, and is fully microwavable. It is designed to withstand standard retort pressures and temperatures (up to 130° C).

Compared to traditional tin cans, the Klear Can has a number of advantages: It is lighter and more dent-resistant. The biggest advantage for food brands is the ability to demonstrate the filling of the cans to potential buyers. Milacron calls this the “first transformational innovation in the canned food preservation industry's nearly 22-year history”. Companies are able to convince buyers of the quality of the food when they are making their purchasing decision.

S&W Fine Foods International already started to sell products packed in Klear Cans in Asia. The plan is to expand the markets over the coming year.

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