Double the working volume DMG Mori extends horizontal machining centre range

Source: DMG Mori

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Following the introduction by DMG Mori of the 5-axis DMU/DMC 65 H Mono Block, the company has launched a second model in the series, the DMU/DMC 85 H Monoblock, with double the working volume.

The new DMU 85 H Mono Block is capable of 5-axis simultaneous machining, as is the DMC twin pallet change version.
The new DMU 85 H Mono Block is capable of 5-axis simultaneous machining, as is the DMC twin pallet change version.
(Source: DMG Mori)

Offering linear axis travels of 850 x 1,150 x 900 mm, the new DMU/DMC 65 H Mono Block from DMG Mori is equipped with a swivelling trunnion and rotary table arrangement that can support components weighing up to one tonne in the DMU and 800 kg in the DMC. The inherently rigid, cast iron, thermosymmetrical machine bed with three-point support together with extensive integrated cooling provide a high level of milling performance combined with long-term accuracy.

Aimed in particular at manufacturers in the aerospace, die and mould, and semiconductor industries as well as job shops that never know what type of part they will be required to tackle next, the DMU/DMC 85 H Monoblock is a highly versatile production centre capable of fully interpolative 5-axis machining. The long Z-axis travel makes it ideal for drilling deep holes, such as cooling channels in injection moulds, while linear drives in X and Z and a direct drive for the C-axis ensure good dynamics.

To increase productivity, the 85 H Monoblock in both configurations can be automated for individual part or series production. The new PH Cell 2000 is a retrofittable handling system holding up to 21 pallets for workpiece diameters up to 1,100 mm. A linear pallet pool and the PH-AGV are available for linking several machines with an automation system. WH Flex robotic handling can be supplied for series production where the type of part changes regularly.

The DMU/DMC 85 H Monoblock features DMG Mori’s standard user interface, Celos, to a Siemens or Heidenhain control. As with the first 65 H Monoblock, the new machines will be available in mill-turn configuration with a torque motor-driven rotary table for turning components at up to 800 rpm.


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