Vomat Compact filtration technology improves product quality, reduces cost

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Filtration – Vomat offers individually-tailored concepts for the filtration and cooling of lubricants for grinding processes in the metalworking industry as well as special solutions for other materials.

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The standalone FA 70 system provides ultrafine filtration technology in a small package.
The standalone FA 70 system provides ultrafine filtration technology in a small package.
(Source: Vomat)

The product portfolio of Germany-based Vomat includes solutions for standalone units, modular systems, central systems as well as customised special systems with centralised and decentralised functions.

The company notes that its Vomat FA 70 standalone system is particularly useful for regrinding precision tools. The compact unit, which measures 1300 mm x 1100 mm x 1200 mm, has a maximum filtration capacity of 70 litres per minute and provides clean oil in NAS 9 quality over long service periods.



Optional modules, such as an integrated 7kW cooling unit with a control accuracy of +/- 1.0 K, together with magnetic and disposable filters, allow for customer-specific system solutions. The residual sludge disposal is done manually via special bags.

Steffen Strobel, technical sales manager at the company, explains, “Filter systems for cleaning contaminated grinding oils during tool regrinding increase the service life of cooling lubricants, reduce the costs for fluids, improve the product quality and increase overall process reliability.”

Strobel adds that, in addition to Vomat's standardised FA model series, the Germany-based specialist also provides companies custom-made solutions as per their needs and problems, knowing that the decision for the right filtration system is an essential component. The filtration systems for tool grinding or regrinding are fitted to user requirement and fully integrated into their production process.