MCM Clock Evo line

Editor: Steffen Donath

The Clock range has been renewed with cutting-edge solutions and ergonomic design.

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With Clock EVO comes a strategic solution for all the needs of the main production sectors.
With Clock EVO comes a strategic solution for all the needs of the main production sectors.
(Source: Riccardo Delfanti)

The market launch of the Clock Evolution line took place in October 2020, with the presentation of Clock 800 EVO model, featuring cubic working area (X, Y, Z strokes of 800 mm), pallets up to 500x630 mm and a wide range of spindles from 8,000 to 30,000 rpm.

The models differ from each other in the volume of the working area, but all guarantee optimal dynamic and mechanical characteristics, as well as absolute maintenance of geometry over time. The rigidity is extremely high thanks to the double-plane base, the linear recirculating ball guides and the careful design with dynamic and static test of the structures using FEM software. The machine kinematics includes the transversal movement upright (X) and longitudinal movement workpiece support table (Z). As for all MCM machines, the cast iron structure consists of the two main blocks (base, carriage) and the Y-axis column. The tilted position of X-axis guides provides absolute structural rigidity even under significant mechanical stress.

The machine has been redesigned in its entirety to facilitate and speed up both installation and maintenance, all aimed at ensuring a reduction in machine downtime and greater functional efficiency. Integrated control areas and new ergonomic push-button panels with touch screen give the Clocks a modern look and advanced functions, allowing a new approach to the principles of interaction between human and machine. The line of bodywork and external guards has been revised both in terms of aesthetic improvement and practical content. The interventions have not changed the flexibility of the layout configurations, the machines remain available in ‘right’ or ‘left’ version, with compact roof-mounted or modular floor-mounted tool magazines, with capacity up to 500 tool places on single machine with ISO/MAS 40 or 50, HSK-A63 or A100 systems.

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