Ewikon Heißkanalsysteme Cleaning small hot runner components, tip inserts, small parts

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – To facilitate and speed up hot runner maintenance, Ewikon has introduced the MWB 100 portable mini-fluidised bed-cleaning device, said to allow quick and effective cleaning of small hot runner components.

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The MWB 100 portable mini-fluidised bed-cleaning device from Ewikon.
The MWB 100 portable mini-fluidised bed-cleaning device from Ewikon.
(Source: Ewikon)

According to the company, the device consists of a heated cleaning chamber in which sand is set in motion by blowing air in with a maximum operating temperature of 400 °C. Heating the device takes only 30 minutes.

The cleaning procedure is a combination of thermal degradation of the contamination and mechanical cleaning by the sand that takes place in an easy-to-remove basket with a capacity of 25 cm3, Ewikon adds.

The company also notes that the MWB 100 is suitable for cleaning tip inserts such as inserts for side gating nozzles, torpedo tips and valve gate tip inserts, and small parts like for example screw-on gate bushes. When carrying out routine maintenance work, plastic residue can be removed from the tip inserts without the risk of mechanical damage to the mould or the mould inserts. Depending on the material the cleaning duration is between one to 2.5 h. The compact design and weight of 5.5 kg make the device usable at any work station with an exhaust system. For power supply a standard 230 V plug socket is required.