MEX 2017 Case studies to optimise and save money

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Portugese-based PMM Moldes says it is a good partner when it comes to mould conception and mould making.

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PMM can provide solutions to save time and money.
PMM can provide solutions to save time and money.
(Source: PMM Moldes)

The company's offerings include going through with customers to analyse new mould projects and studying the best technical ways to reduce cycle times, turn complex mechanical movements into easy going functional performances. All this to save time and money for its customers.

The company has invested in high-tech solutions for conceiving and developing ideas to achieve the best results, the company notes. In the mould-making industry saving time and money is essential.


With 40 years of experience, PMM provides customers solutions, for example, instead of producing a mould on a 500T injection machine, to change the mould layout and thus enable the need for only a smaller machine. Or solutions to have a cycle time of 30s when technical improvements can be introduced and as such reduce cycle time substantially. And perhaps to do away with too many complex movements in the mould when there are ways to turn it more easily.

PMM will be in hall 4, booth C41-3 at the Moulding Expo.

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