Wallenius Water Biocide-free purification of metalworking, process fluids

Editor: Eric Culp

Sweden – Wallenius Water said it has introduced FluidWorker 200, which can replace hazardous biocides in fluids that are currently often included in concentrates or are used as an extra additive.

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FluidWorker 200's purification process relies on​ ​UV disinfection and active oxygen.
FluidWorker 200's purification process relies on​ ​UV disinfection and active oxygen.
(Source: Wallenius Water)

The company explained that while the use of process and metalworking fluids in the metal industry is vital, sooner or later bacteria attack the fluid and destroy it. The system extends the life of the metalworking fluids and increases profitability in terms of both production and the environment.

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The system’s purification is continuous, making it possible to reduce or completely eliminate the use of biocides, the company said. Its process relies on UV disinfection and active oxygen.

The company said the system does not require any adaptation and customers can install it themselves without interrupting ongoing production. The life of metalworking fluid can often be more than doubled, so there are clearly major benefits, the firm explained. According to the supplier, GKN Aerospace in Sweden, which manufactures advanced components for engines, has installed a system. The result is reportedly a considerable improvement in the work environment for the some 75 employees who work in the department with the device.

A GKN Aerospace spokesman said if the shop can avoid changing metalworking fluid, it reckons it will eventually recoup the entire investment.