LMT Axial rolling head tool offers precise fine adjustment

Editor: Thomas Masuch

LMT Tools has launched the Evo-Line axial rolling heads, a new generation of thread rolling tools.

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The new rolling head evoline.
The new rolling head evoline.
(Source: LMT Tools)

According to the company, the user benefits from simple, but precise fine adjustment of workpiece diameter to an accuracy of 100th of a millimetre.

The proven advantages of thread rolling over cutting techniques, such as production times combined with tensile strength, dimensional stability and surface quality as well as long tool life, had been significantly increased, LMT Tools said.

The modular design is said to provide longevity of use with the ability to replace the thread rolls, rollers, rolling system housing, central fine adjustment, closing clip device and shanks, making it adaptable to any station or other machines in-house.

According to LMT, the interface between the clutch and shank guarantees precise concentricity with safe torque transmission. Customised modifications such as a coolant-driven closing device are possible, the supplier added.