Conformal Cooling Award-winning tool shop uses laser fusion for cooling inserts

Editor: Eric Culp

Technologies for the additive manufacturing of metal parts remain on the advance. One German mould maker adopted the technique five years ago and continues to churn out tooling inserts with the method.

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Wolfgang Faßnacht stands proudly with one of his shop’s tools.
Wolfgang Faßnacht stands proudly with one of his shop’s tools.
(Source: Concept Laser)

A consistently high standard of quality and flexibility in meeting customer requirements are said to justify the reputation of German tooling shop W. Fassnacht Formenbau, which is based in Bobingen near Augsburg. The company’s ability to meet deadlines, its reliability and clear business agreements have been used to characterise the company's relationship with its customers.

Additive manufacturing becomes a hit in Bobingen

The company has already claimed numerous awards, as was the case just last year when Fassnacht was a finalist in the annual German competition for “Mould Maker of the Year” and secured first place in its category (See story here.). It won overall in 2009 and often places near the top in the event.


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When it comes to additive manufacturing, the shop’s Managing Director Wolfgang Fassnacht has been watching the technique change and develop for more than two decades. “I came across the subject at an experimental stage back in 1992 and followed developments closely.” He noted that while the first machines were available back in the beginning of the 2000s, it would take nearly a decade before he was ready to buy into what was at the time an unproven technology. “In mid-2008, I learned at Hofmann in Lichtenfels (Germany) about the machines from its subsidiary Concept Laser and (we) discussed the possibilities.” He said the company asked if he wanted one, so Fassnacht slept on it. “Shortly after this, the M1 cusing machine was on its way to Bobingen.”

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