CAM solutions Automated part costing and cycle time calculations

Source: Solidline

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The German PLM systems company, Solidline, expands their CAM solution offerings to the USA through a partnership with HCL Technologie, makers of Camworks, and the release of Solidline Camculator.

Solidline Camculator optimises costing to save time and labour.
Solidline Camculator optimises costing to save time and labour.
(Source: HCL)

Solidline Camculator optimises costing to save time and labour. Traditionally, costing is calculated using old stock, estimated values, or trial programming. With Camculator, data from the CAM model is utilised and cycle time can be calculated and used to ultimately program and calculate the cost of an entire component. Camculator supports the automation and costing of parts for up to 5-axis simultaneous machining.

With Solidline Camculator, companies can reduce calculation time and calculate costing of components based on the actual NC code of a part. Because it uses data from the CAM model, companies can achieve repeat accuracy and company-wide consistency. Christian Popp, Head of Manufacturing Solutions at Solidline states: “Together with our customers, we create system environments in which people can design, communicate and collaborate better. Our goal is to deliver optimal solutions and services that continuously improve results: that is the motivation and incentive behind everything we do. We address everything from consulting to installation, configuration, training and support. Our experienced consultants help you to achieve professional and reliable machining so that you quickly become highly productive. We create synergies for our customers through close cooperation — in a globalized world. With the support of HCL Camworks in the USA, our CAM solutions are also available in the United States.”


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