Synventive Application of innovative technology in injection moulding

Author / Editor: Norbert Delle / Rosemarie Stahl

To play in the professional league, an injection moulding company has to be inventive. German-based Eifler-Kunststoff-Technik has proven several times that it can be trusted with the most complex customer requests. More than once, the company has shown that they have the knowledge and expertise not only in their own production processes, but also in understanding the processes of their customers.

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Volker Scheffels, Managing Director of EKT (left), and Peter Diedershagen-Reissig, General Manager at EKT (right).
Volker Scheffels, Managing Director of EKT (left), and Peter Diedershagen-Reissig, General Manager at EKT (right).
(Source: Synventive)

The company Eifler-Kunststoff Technik, which is currently based in Bad Salzuflen, emerged from the company Schlingmann Kunststofftechnik Bielefeld in 2005. Schlingmann Kunststofftechnik had been a classic injection moulding company, which developed with rather simple plastic components from the insolvent IBS Brocke Group. Dieter Eifler, the German entrepreneur of Eifler GmbH & Co. KG, had acquired the Schlingmann trunk company, transformed it into EKT (Eifler Kunststoff-Technik) and developed it into a high-tech company for high-quality and technologically sophisticated injection moulding components.

The new company, EKT, is no longer just a supplier of plastic components. With an optimistic connection to the traditional company, Miele & Cie based in Gütersloh, Dieter Eifler and his manager, together with the managing director of EKT, Volker Scheffels, were given an initial basis to take on new challenges.

The Miele brand is one of the world's top brands in terms of technical quality and branding amongst manufacturers of white goods. Only those capable of meeting the high-quality requirements of this brand on a long-term basis can play as a partner in this league. EKT received the chance to play along at the beginning of 2005, as a supplier in the "Miele League" and subsequently used this position as a springboard to give the new company, EKT, drive to help it develop dynamically in the future.


When asked about the company's current expertise, managing director Volker Scheffels replied: “First of all, we are not actually a purely injection moulding-orientated company, where the components just drop out of the tools. The actual focus of our expertise is that we develop innovative and conceptual production technologies for complex injection moulding components, which we then implement as part of a trouble-free production process for injection moulding construction parts over the course of our business relationships and in close partnership.”

At this juncture, a listener would be tempted to say: “Excuse me? Isn't the idea to make plastic components cheaply and quickly?” Not at all, if you take a closer look at the EKT company. If you examined the entire EKT production process simplistically, you would get clusters, such as “The development of innovate production technology”, “variable injection-mould production with module installation directly on the machine” and “just-in-sequence delivery” to the customer.

EKT initially made a name for itself with the production of highly-decorative visible parts (high-gloss optics, piano black, in-mould labelling) and functional modules, because producing operating and control panels for washing machines, driers or vacuum cleaners in different languages globally for the different product features in such a way that they can continue to convert just-in-sequence and just-in-time for the customer does not only assume especially trustworthy communication on the part of the customer if lead times of only 24 to a maximum of 48 hours are involved, physical proximity is also required so as to variably adapt their own production to the customer's manufacturing process.

EKT has not only been able to do this par excellence, but passion has also been made out of a virtue, meaning that customers are impressed time and time again with the innovate solutions as part of implementation on a production engineering level.