Company News Anca’s Tool of the Year 2020

Editor: Steffen Donath

Anca’s industry-first competition is back, but not as you know it. With two competition categories, the winners will be announced via livestream from Anca’s headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.

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Last year’s Tool of the Year winners.
Last year’s Tool of the Year winners.
(Source: Anca)

This competition gives Anca customers a chance to not only build brand recognition within the industry but to also push the boundaries and showcase their skills, innovation and creativity globally.

Anca Global Marketing Manager, Lucas Hale said: “This is an unusual year for all, and normally we love meeting with our customers and partners at international trade shows for this annual Anca event. However, it’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to connect digitally through Anca’s active online channels. This way we can continue to acknowledge the incredibly high standard of cutting tools produced with unique designs and specialist applications.”

Outstanding tools continue to come out of the ways that tool makers innovate to take on new challenges, pivot to meet customers’ needs in a time of the unexpected and continue to deliver precision and excellence.

The Tool of the Year for 2020 will be the standout tool that is made on an Anca machine. The tools entered in the main competition category showcase the sub-micron finish, complexity and superior cutting performance expected from any of Anca’s machine range. These are functional and practical tools that start as ideas and are ground into reality, as the tools that shape our world. Tools made on an Anca mean quality and endurance.

Last year’s winner, Brian Beland, President, KV Tooling said: “It’s a hidden business, tool grinding happens behind closed doors, in factories — nobody knows what we do. (Tool of the Year) gave us the opportunity to showcase what we do, why it’s important, what types of industries we support - which basically is all industry supported by machinery and tool grinding.”

Simulated tools with innovative features can be designed using Anca’s suite of specialist tool and cutter grinding software. CIM3D was the 3D revolution which changed an industry. Along with the glory of an international accolade, the main prize is 10,000 AUD worth of Anca innovations for parts, accessories or software. The winner of the most innovative virtual tool will receive the full CIM software package.