Turning and finishing Advanced internal boring solutions for stringy swarf in non-ferrous alloys

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A new addition to the Ifanger Microturn internal boring tool system addresses the challenge of stringy swarf seen when machining materials like unleaded brass. Such materials previously required manual intervention during machining cycles due to the 'birds nest' swarf effect. The newly introduced boring tools prevent lost production time, enhance surface finishes, and allow for longer unmanned machining.

Floyd Automatic Tooling has now introduced a new addition to the Ifanger Microturn internal boring tool system.
Floyd Automatic Tooling has now introduced a new addition to the Ifanger Microturn internal boring tool system.
(Source: Floyd Automatic Tooling)

For manufacturers that witness the scourge of stringy swarf when using small boring tools to machine materials such as unleaded brass or aluminium, Floyd Automatic Tooling has now introduced a new addition to the Ifanger Microturn internal boring tool system. Materials such as unleaded brass, create a ‘birds nest’ effect with the swarf, this results in manufacturers manually intervening during machining cycles to remove the swarf to prevent re-cutting of the swarf and also the potential for component damage.

With the arrival of these new geometry Ifanger Microturn boring tools, lost production time, poor surface finishes and the inability to conduct long-running unmanned machining are now eliminated when conducting internal turning and boring operations. This frees up the machine shop to manufacture high-quality components whilst running for extended periods unmanned. Overcoming this challenge, the Ifanger Microturn has a unique geometry design that gives end users the confidence to produce a wide variety of parts from materials such as lead-free brass.

The new Ifanger Microturn is available in two different types — the Microturn MTEP for rough internal turning and boring and the Microturn MTEF for finishing operations. Each of the designations is available in three product length ratios of 2XD, 3XD and 5XD that presents tools from 26 to 53 mm in length. Supplied with a through coolant facility, the Microturn series is available with a robust 4 mm or 6 mm diameter solid carbide shank that minimises vibration whilst enhancing strength, longevity, tool life and performance. The Microturn MTEP for roughing is available in diameters from 2.5 mm to 6 mm diameter, enabling manufacturers to efficiently machine bores and intricate internal features from 2.5 mm diameter and upwards with incredible productivity levels. To achieve even greater results when machining non-ferrous alloys, Ifanger has also developed the Microturn series with an optional Diamond Like Coating (DLC) that can ramp up productivity and tool life performance on a host of materials.

Complementing the Microturn MTEP for roughing is the MTEF for finish turning. The geometry of the MTEF presents the highest quality surface finishes and performance when conducting turning operations on small bores. To maximise performance on the smallest and most detailed bores from 1 mm to 2.2 mm diameter, the MTEF has a sharp edge for unparalleled precision whilst tools from 2.5 to 6 mm incorporate a 0.05 mm corner radius to prolong tool life and reliability. For such intricate and precise operations, the Microturn MTEF finish turning series can achieve a surface finish from Ra1 µm to as fine a finish as Ra0.1 µm depending upon the chosen tool and machining parameters. With a 12 degree rake angle, a cutting length from 1.2 to 30 mm and an overall length from 26 to 53 mm, the Ifanger Microturn is the turning tool of choice for manufacturers battling the issue of swarf when machining lead-free brass.


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