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CNC Software has released the latest version of its machining software, Mastercam 2017. It features 3D machining enhancements, Multiaxis improvements and so much more, the company says. Also, there is a new Mastercam 2017 package for Solidworks.

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Mastercam Simulator Auto Start is a new feature, which allows Mastercam Simulator to immediately begin to play once a sufficient amount of data has been transferred.
Mastercam Simulator Auto Start is a new feature, which allows Mastercam Simulator to immediately begin to play once a sufficient amount of data has been transferred.
(Source: Mastercam; © Can Yesil /

The Maximum Stock Engagement allows the customer to select a previously made stock model and set the maximum depth so that he can limit how deeply the cutter engages uncut materials, especially useful when semi-finishing a part. Perpendicular fill for the raster toolpath makes it possible to limit raster passes and then fills in the limited area with perpendicular raster motion to create a more consistent finish. And, for quicker toolpath regeneration, the processing time for High Speed Scallop has been decreased, Mastercam says.


Research showed that many of Mastercam’s powerful tools were being underused because busy shops did not know where to find them. Mastercam 2017’s CAM programming tools are brought to the forefront and their organisation has been enhanced. According to CNC Software, this improved workflow makes it easier for users to take better advantage of such things as Mastercam's breakthrough Dynamic Motion toolpaths to improve machining cycles and reduce tool wear. Mastercam 2017 Beta testers reported an average of two days to become comfortable with the new interface, with the majority reporting substantial productivity gains, the company says.

For the purpose of reducing confusion, the Multiaxis toolpaths have been consolidated. In the latest version, they are grouped by either a Pattern or Application toolpath to make them easier to find. The 4-axis toolpath, Rotary Axis, allows for more control over the tool motion through the selection of walls, hubs, and shroud surfaces. And, Multiaxis Drill has additional features, Mastercam says, including using a line length for the drill depth and recognition of the stock model for depth and top of stock purposes.

Mastercam 2017 features a ribbon interface that makes it easier to find the functions you need to complete your tasks, the company says. “Many of our more powerful tools were underused because customers did not know where to find them,” says CNC Software President, Meghan West. “We spent a lot of time with users determining the best way to simplify this, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.” The ribbon tabs group similar functions and display them in order from simple to more complex. Each tab relates to a type of activity, from creating wireframe geometry to generating toolpaths. Editing functions are on the same tab as creation functions so you have all the tools you need, when you need them.

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