Hot runners Actuator without active cooling: More sustainability in hot runner injection moulding

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Oerlikon HRS Flow has unveiled its innovative HRS Cool Evo system, which offers substantial energy savings and reduced maintenance time. The novel system eliminates the need for active water cooling of the hydraulic cylinder that positions the pin, potentially reducing energy consumption by up to ten percent.

By eliminating water cooling and optimising heat flow, HRS Cool Evo increases energy efficiency in hot runner injection moulding.
By eliminating water cooling and optimising heat flow, HRS Cool Evo increases energy efficiency in hot runner injection moulding.
(Source: Oerlikon HRS Flow)

With HRS Cool Evo, hot runner specialist Oerlikon HRS Flow has developed a system in which the hydraulic cylinder that positions the pin does not require separate, active water cooling. Depending on the system size and application, this can reduce energy consumption at the drops by up to ten percent. In addition, the low number of components reduces the assembly and maintenance time. This innovative technology, which contributes to more sustainability in injection moulding, can replace conventionally cooled designs in a variety of applications across a wide temperature range.

As high-precision actuators, the cylinders of hot runner systems are crucial components for continuously trouble-free process control. In conventional systems, water cooling ensures that the optimum working temperature is maintained. With HRS Cool Evo, a thermally insulating air gap towards the cavity reduces both the heating of the cylinder and the thermal loss of the manifold. In addition, a cover made of a highly heat-conductive material on the opposite side ensures optimum heat dissipation towards the cold clamping platen. For perfect matching, the height can be adjusted via telescopic supports, enabling outstanding heat transfer and thermal uniformity over the entire hot runner system to maximise part quality. Thanks to the high efficiency, the more complex water-cooled systems can be replaced in many cases without compromise.

Massimo Rossi, R&D Director at Oerlikon HRS Flow: “Thanks to the concept used, HRS Cool Evo has a wide range of market applications, including the automotive and the packaging industries. Apart from energy efficiency, one of the most important advantages is the elimination of all pipes and connections required for water cooling. Where these are not present, they cannot become clogged or corroded. The ability to remove the actuators while the needles remain in the hot runner system also reduces maintenance. And because the reduction to one thermally insulating and one thermally conductive element enables a compact design, small cut-outs in the clamping plate are sufficient.”


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