EMO 2017 A clean job: good, fast and cheap milling

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

MHT GmbH Merz & Haag from Schramberg in the Black Forest offers a self-developed medium distributor that is said to make milling faster, better and cheaper.

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The red nozzle is locked in place quickly, it does not rotate and has no contact with the tool holder.
The red nozzle is locked in place quickly, it does not rotate and has no contact with the tool holder.
(Source: MHT)

According to the company, the product is the result of the combination of Swabian inventive spirit, German thoroughness and the customer wish for high efficiency. “Making something good even better” is the slogan that the company assigned to their development.

The revolutionary idea behind this product is that – instead of using water and oil – the medium distributor cools the milling cutter with compressed air and reliably and constantly removes swarf, even from deep contours and grooves. The heart of the system is a fixed nozzle body which does not turn with the cutter. Nozzles arranged in a ring blow the air with up to six bars of pressue directly on to the cutting edge. This means that any milling machine can generally be run dry, MHT says. If lubricant does have to be added to the air, an extremely small quantity is sufficient compared to conventional milling machines.


Two companies present an actual application

For the Black Forest natives, increased efficiency is the central sales argument. MHT director Herbert Merz:explaines: “The purchase costs are amortised for the entrepreneur after less than a year. This is made possible by the guaranteed increase in productivity, quality and precision with the completely dry and therefore clean milling process”.

Their success shows that the Swabian inventors were right: the medium distributor is meanwhile in use in a number of milling machines in large and medium-sized companies all over Germany – with thoroughly satisfied customers, MHT says. Two of them – Röders GmbH from Soltau in Lower Saxony and Zimmer&Kreim GmbH & Co. KG in Brensbach/Hesse – are therefore publicly exhibiting the medium distributor at the EMO 2017. Röders shows it in actual use on a five-axis RXU1201DSH whilst rough machining and finish machining. Zimmer&Kreim will show it in an automated process using their handling system Chameleon.

The medium distributor has already been in use since 2011 wherever milling takes place and the chips fly with a variety of milling machines in toolmaking and mould construction and also production, MHT says. Customer machines from a wide variety of sectors ranging from simple aluminium series production milling machines in the automotive sector, to machines for processing composite materials for the aerospace industry and HSC milling machines for toolmaking and mould construction are individually retrofitted on-site. In order to achieve optimum effective force, MHT GmbH produces an individual nozzle body for each tool, the company says.

Medium distributor works with various materials

The product from the Black Forest then takes on materials of all kinds: the medium distributor makes short work of the swarf, the miller’s greatest enemy, from aluminium, graphite, steel and copper in mixed operation. The medium distributor not only brings benefits in the field of high tech but also in series production.

MHT director Herbert Merz states: “In series production, milling processes are becoming faster due to higher feed rates and infeeds, cleaning times are drastically reduced by dry processing and surfaces are milled without reworking. Tool costs are decreasing significantly at the same time.”

MHT GmbH Merz & Haag, www.mht-gmbh.de,

Röders GmbH, Hall 12, Booth D70,

Zimmer & Kreim GmbH & Co. KG, Hall 13, Booth B86