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Your Guide to Runnerless LSR Molding

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Because of its unique performance properties and advantages, Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) has become an increasingly popular option for molders in a variety of fields who are looking to diversify their service offering.

More and more forward-thinking molders are now also using runnerless injection molding (or direct gating) for LSR applications to significantly reduce waste, save costs, and maximize their production. To enable you to unlock the potential of LSR and runnerless injection molding, we are excited to share with you our new, comprehensive, guide: “How to Reduce Waste, Save Costs, and Maximize Production With Runnerless Injection Molding".

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  • The rising popularity of LSR and its unique performance properties
  • How LSR injection molding differs from traditional thermoplastic injection molding
  • The game-changing benefits of direct gating
  • The key requirements for success when molding with cold deck technology

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