Formnext X-Jet presents full portfolio of metal and ceramic AM solutions

Source: XJet

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The focus of XJet's trade fair presence at Formnext 2022 is on demonstrating how manufacturers can achieve automated, environmentally-friendly and scalable additive production of high-definition metal and ceramic parts.

XJet presents high-definition additive manufacturing solutions at Formnext.
XJet presents high-definition additive manufacturing solutions at Formnext.
(Source: XJet)

One of the exhibits presented by XJet at this year’s Formnext ist the Carmel 1400. This solution uses Nano Particle Jetting (NPJ) powderless technology, to achieve leading parts of native quality and design complexity, solving industry challenges in multiple industries. Three green and automated steps — from file to final part production in metal and ceramic manufacturing — set new standards in the growing metal AM market.

XJet metal system user, Azoth, will be present on the stand throughout the show, sharing the team’s practical experience and knowledge of working with XJet’s metal AM solution. “We’re seeing high demand for XJet capabilities,” says Cody Cochran — Azoth General Manager and Co-Founder, “Fine features, high resolution and good surface finish, right off the printer, which perfectly complements our expertise in metal manufacturing. The Carmel 1400M system allows us to go from small volume to full scale manufacturing on the same system, without having to adapt the equipment in the transition to manufacturing.”

The Carmel 1400M AM system is running live on stand C01all 12.0 at Formnext, alongside the Smart Station for automated soluble support removal.

“As crowded at the metal AM sector is, XJet technology has something truly unique to offer the market,” asserts Yair Alcobi, XJet CEO. “Sharp angles, overhangs, internal cavities are still often difficult to achieve with other technologies, but because of our unique soluble support material and automated support removal with the Smart Station, these features are no problem for XJet and can be produced repeatedly, reliably and on an industrial scale. Our unique use of material jetting and nanoparticles means we get significantly finer detail, improved surface finish and thinner walls than any other metal or ceramic AM technologies.”

Using nanoparticles and substantially less binder in its process allows XJet to achieve superior material density and lower sintering temperatures by around 15 percent for stainless steel, saving energy and subsequently seeing less shrinkage and deformations as the process moves away from the melting point of the metal. In addition, using sealed cartridges for materials makes the Carmel 1400M easy to operate and safe to use.

XJet is also showing the next developments in its range of materials at Formnext, which currently comprises of 316L stainless steel and, in its ceramic range, zirconia and alumina. Visitors can see all the latest applications with these materials in the multiple displays on the stand and are invited to join XJet’s famous ‘sensational tour’.


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