World of Tooling – Spotlight Brazil and Mexico

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Mexican tools and tool manufacture

In 2013, tools and dies with a value of €340m were exported, of which €288m were injection moulds, €38m were solid and sheet metal forming tools and €14m were casting tools. In the same period, Mexico imported tools and dies worth a record value of €1,803m, of which €1,115m were for injection moulds, €531m for solid and sheet metal forming tools and €157m for die-casting moulds. Its trade of tools with foreign markets in 2014 is shown in Fig. 4. The largest trade partners for importing injection moulds are the USA, China and South Korea. Injection moulds are mostly exported to the USA, Hungary and Canada. The largest trade partners for importing sheet metal and massive forming tools are the USA, Japan and China, while they are exported mainly to the USA, Thailand and Canada. Tool and die imports (solid and sheet metal forming tools) have increased over the last four years. In contrast, injection moulds and die-casting moulds showed a lower growth rate, while tool exports (solid and sheet metal forming) have remained constant for the past four years.

The local industry falls short of fulfilling high quality requirements and cannot meet increasing demands brought about by the growth of the automotive industry. Almost all tools and dies required for automotive serial production are imported from North America. There are currently no independent companies that could boost the international production or take on maintenance and repair activities. The tool and die requirements and the many OEM production sites and international suppliers will help develop the local industry, and the potential for development is rated high.

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