Metav 2020 / Open Mind With Hypermill 2020.1 to Düsseldorf

Editor: Steffen Donath

Version 2020.1 will be revealed for the first time at the Open Mind booth at Metav. Here is a peak at the new functionalities and improvements coming with the new version.

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New Hypermill strategy for measuring grooves and bars.
New Hypermill strategy for measuring grooves and bars.
(Source: Open mind)

Open Mind will be presenting the new version 2020.1 of its CAD/CAM suite Hypermill for the first time at Metav from 10 - 13 March 2020. At Booth C82 in Hall 1 of the metalworking trade fair, the manufacturer will present the latest enhancements to its software, which offers solutions for the entire range of machining operations — from 2.5D, 3D, mill-turn, HSC and HPC to 5-axis simultaneous, the company promises. Open Mind also has a solution for additive manufacturing, which will be the subject of a dedicated expert forum in Hall 1 at Metav 2020.

New CAD for CAM functionalities have been added in the field of 3D profile finishing: During programming, selected milling surfaces can be extended circumferentially using the ‘Automatic surface extension’ function. This means that they do not have to be modified in the CAD system in advance. In addition, free tool geometries, for example of high-feed milling cutters, can be used in detail for programming and collision control.

Improved measuring functions

A new strategy enables the measurement of grooves and lands with the usual technology parameters. The definition of the range to be measured is done by a simple contour selection. The strategy then automatically determines the optimum measuring point.

The convenient programming of electrode manufacturing in Hyper-CAD-S was also expanded in version 2020.1: Hyper-CAD-S now supports the creation of side electrodes. These are created in the same way as vertical electrodes and are defined by specific parameters such as axis, erosion depth, joint angle or joint length. Collision control optimises the parameters and protects against contact during start-up.

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