Positioning and motion control Well positioned on the European market: Aerotech celebrates series of anniversaries

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

After Aerotech's 50th company anniversary last year, the UK subsidiary founded in 1981 in Newbury can now also look back on a total of 40 years of business. With a broad product range specialising in nanometre-scale positioning, Aerotech carved out a solid niche in the field of high-precision motion control.

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From customised products to complete motion subsystems, Aerotech has industry-leading expertise when it comes to building precision into the process.
From customised products to complete motion subsystems, Aerotech has industry-leading expertise when it comes to building precision into the process.
(Source: Aerotech)

UK/Germany — Aerotech UK, together with Aerotech in Fürth, Germany, were the first European subsidiaries to herald the international expansion of the medium-sized US company.

The company has since grown to nearly 500 employees worldwide. Industries range from medical and life science applications, photonics, automotive, data storage, laser machining, aerospace, metrology, and test and measurement.

US headquarters grows continuously

Capacities are also being consistently expanded in the USA: in 2018, the premises of a neighbouring energy company were purchased and extensively modernised. The recently completed “Epsilon” production facility in Pittsburgh covers a total of 12,500 m2, of which 1350 m2 is for technical laboratories and social rooms and 2,700 m2 for offices. The remaining 8450 m2 will be used for production. According to the company, the expansion of the production area is primarily intended to meet the increasing demands of a growing clientele.

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New brand strategy and web relaunch

The success of the last decades is now also reflected in the completely revised website of the manufacturer. The new homepage is intended to serve as a useful information platform for users and interested parties alike, making it easier to access product catalogues, application areas, manuals and references, for example.

“In recent years, we have penetrated very strongly into new business areas,” explains Simon Smith, European Director Aerotech. The company's products such as motors, drives and motion controllers are widely used in industry, but also in university research. The new corporate design is also reflected by the new website.

The new homepage also serves as an information platform for concrete use cases from sectors such as mechanical and plant engineering, medical technology and the automotive industry. “We want to drive efficiency and further development in the individual sectors and continue to grow together with our users,” emphasises Simon Smith. “In future, we will document this progress transparently on our website.”

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