Knarr Wear- and shim plates

Editor: Steffen Donath

Optimal distribution of the closing pressure: A stable, permanently high-quality production of plastic parts is also a matter of the closing pressure.

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Wear-/ shim plate with bore for recoil pin
Wear-/ shim plate with bore for recoil pin
(Source: Knarr)

In order to avoid burrs, in the cavity area, the closing pressure is often at its maximum. Hardened wear plates are used to optimise the redistribution of the closing pressure across the entire tool, Knarr explains. All wear- and shim plates are made of through-hardened steel 1.2842 with a nominal hardness of ~ 58 HRC.

Both round and square versions are available with an allowance of 0.2 mm. Thanks to this grinding allowance, slight differences in height can be compensated and the mould halves can be precisely adjusted, the company states. With a wide range of standardised and ready-to-use wear- and shim plates, Knarr offers solutions for a variety of installation options, as the company claims.

An example for the company’s solution-oriented product policy could be the wear plate with a bore for the recoil pin, which was designed in close co-operation with its customer. Undoubtedly, the wear plate with lifting-corners is one of the highlights in the programme: the sophisticated and effective positioning guarantees maximum space utilisation of the plate simultaneously ensuring exact tool parallelism across the entire parting line.