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Source: Cadenas

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Software manufacturer Cadenas announces to the next level of innovation with the new online platform, where engineers can find billions of 3D CAD, CAE and BIM models within more than 5,000 relevant product catalogues. is replacing Part-Community, the previous portal for CAD and BIM downloads. allows users to search by seven categories: 3D shape, 2D sketch, color, grid, catalog, filter, and text. allows users to search by seven categories: 3D shape, 2D sketch, color, grid, catalog, filter, and text.
(Source: Cadenas)

With more than 5,000 manufacturer catalogues and over 666 million CAD model downloads in 2020, Part-Community, the database for CAD, CAE and BIM models of Cadenas, has ranked among the most popular portals for architects, planners, engineers and designers. As of November 21, 2022 Cadenas has moved the Part-Community platform to According to the company, stands out from other search engines because it focuses on visual search functions. This innovative approach makes searching for suitable components easier and faster. In addition to these helpful features, users can expect a remastered interface, a modern design and all of the previous benefits of PARTcommunity.

The new and improved features of include:

  • Filter search to narrow down results with just a few clicks.
  • 3D preview, where users can change a component‘s dimensions, create sections or determine additional required values.
  • 3D grid search, where users can, starting from the basic shape of the product they need, find suitable components or adjust parameters directly in the 3D preview window.
  • A combination of searching by 2D sketches and colors to narrow down results.
  • 3D shape search, to search for geometrically similar parts by uploading existing geometry. allows users to search by seven categories: 3D shape, 2D sketch, color, grid, catalogue, filter and text. This way, planners worldwide can find digital twins for their constructions within seconds. Every model has been verified by its manufacturer and can be downloaded in more than 100 native and neutral formats. Because of this, all data sets, including metadata, can be easily integrated into different kinds of CAD and BIM systems, like: Allplan, Archicad, Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Fusion 360, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Revit, Eveva, Atia, Creo, Solidworks and E3.series. The download is free and requires only one login.

For companies: Enterprise

Another feature of this update is Enterprise, the universal solution for companies working in a CAD, PLM or ERP environment. The application operates locally at one organization and offers additional search functions, such as partial search or geometric feature search. Furthermore, supports companies in organizing the standard, purchased, and proprietary parts within their own systems. Because of this solution, employees can set up, maintain and share product data efficiently, and team members can reuse components without creating or designing a piece twice. In addition, users can define preferred components and vendors, which streamlines process chains — from construction to the purchasing department

For component manufacturers: clever marketing, maximum range

Along with the advantages for construction, engineering, and companies of various industries, offers benefits to the manufacturers listing their own products on the platform. Millions of planners worldwide can use to search for high-quality 3D CAD, CAE, and BIM models, meaning every download generates a lead and establishes another channel of distribution.


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