Simulation Virtual moulding made even more accurate

Editor: Alexander Stark

The latest update of Sigma's simulation software not only contains the possibility to simulate compression moulding processes of elastomers; it also offers many enhancements and improvements in the area of thermoplastics. Visitors at Fakuma can see the new developments with their own eyes.

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The new Sigmasoft release allows users a more accurate prediction and analysis of warpage.
The new Sigmasoft release allows users a more accurate prediction and analysis of warpage.
(Source: Sigma Engineering)

During Fakuma 2021 from 12 to 16 October 2021, Sigma Engineering presents the latest release of Sigmasoft Virtual Molding. It furthermore contains refined prediction of warpage besides numerous enhancements for calculation of multicomponent parts and introduces the new option to analyze compression molding processes.

At Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, Germany, Sigma Engineering presents advancement of Sigmasoft on Booth A5-5110. The new and bigger exhibition space allows visitors to collect all details of the new Version 5.3.1 besides new application examples and simulation approaches.

The prediction of warpage was again improved. Since shrinkage and distortion are essential for the correct design of plastic parts, the company develops solutions to compute them even more precisely. For example they have been working with Dufner.MDT since three years, to further improve their material datasets especially for warpage prediction. Apart from the improved material data Sigmasoft v5.3.1 also contains new criteria, to make the evaluation more precise and user-friendly.

Another update is introduced for the calculation of multicomponent projects. It is now possible, to run virtual Design of Experiments (DoE) and optimisations for all components at the same time, in order to adjust them precisely to each other. How to develop multicomponent parts including moulds and process with the help of Virtual Molding and virtual DoE is also demonstrated at the booth. The showcased example is the cell-phone-holder „Butterfly“ by Elmet, shown in full production on K show 2019.

Other recent practical examples created with support of Sigmasoft are shown on the fairground:

  • The potholder in cooperation with Emde Mouldtec at the booth of the University of Darmstadt (A4-4011)
  • The Mini-Frisbee-Application in cooperation with ACH Solution at Momentive Performance Materials (A4-4307)
  • The face mask developed in cooperation with Polar-Form at the booth of Arburg (A3-3101)