CAM Innovations Version 2022.1 of Hypermill makes operations more efficient

Source: Press release MA Alexander Stark

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CAD/CAM specialist Open Mind exhibited at Biemh from 13 to 17 June 2022 in Bilbao, Spain. The company showcased the technologies featured in the latest Version 2022.1 of its Hypermill CAD/CAM suite.

The Hypermill Virtual Machining Optimizer module automatically generates the optimal path between two operations.
The Hypermill Virtual Machining Optimizer module automatically generates the optimal path between two operations.
(Source: Open Mind)

The latest version of Hypermill includes machining strategies from 2.5D to 5-axis, digital twin technology, automated programming and an array of additive manufacturing solutions. Visitors at Biemh in Bilbao got a glimpse of some of the many real-life applications for this CAD/CAM suite.

One of the highlights was the Hypermill Virtual Machining solution. Open Mind’s presentation demonstrated the modules that are used to consistently generate, optimise and simulate NC code. To make this all possible, the software works with virtual representations of the actual CNC machines and uses simulations based on NC code, allowing multi-axis machining operations to be optimized by taking into account the individual limitations of the machine. An example of the optimisations possible with Hypermill Virtual Machining is Best Fit, which intelligently aligns pre-machined workpieces. This feature is ideal for use in reworking 3D printed components, whose production sequence can also be programmed in Best Fit taking an innovative approach. Instead of manual alignment, the NC code is adapted to match the exact position of the component, which saves time and increases process reliability.

While Hypermill is well known for macro and feature technologies that make programming easier, visitors to the venerable machine tool fair in Bilbao also got to see first-hand just how far automation has come in terms of CAM programming. The Automation Center allows users to define and standardise processes based on elements that a CAD model might contain. The steps for data preparation and programming, right up to simulation and NC program generation, are defined. Once this is done, the process can be deployed and carried out on new components automatically. Because of this, programmers can focus their time on more complex instead of routine tasks. The quality of CAM programming is more reproducible, while production planning can be standardised and made more efficient.


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