Metrology Software Verisurf presents measurement software for inspection, reverse engineering and toolmaking

Source: Press release

Measurement expert Verisurf Software will present the new version 2022 of its universal measurement software at Control from 3rd to 4th May 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Verisurf 2022 has many new and powerful features to support all measurement applications and devices.
Verisurf 2022 has many new and powerful features to support all measurement applications and devices.
(Source: Verisurf)

Verisurf 2022 has many new and powerful features to support all measurement applications and devices. According to the company, this makes Verisurf 2022 the only measurement and inspection software within the competitive field that offers a solution for the entire manufacturing enterprise. The solution accelerates automated inspection processes with fast, automatic feature recognition and point-and-click programming of inspection routines. Incidentally, Verisurf is the only metrology software built on a full 3D CAD platform that supports all CAD formats and all portable measuring arms, laser trackers, scanners, and manual and programmable CMMs through a common interface.

As part of the 3D CAD platform, Verisurf uses model-based definition (MBD), where the CAD model serves as the design nominal. This simplifies and automates inspection planning and enables improved process control. All manual and programmable CMMs are controlled via the Verisurf Device Interface (VDI). Its modular design enables users to quickly move from inspection to reverse engineering and tooling by efficiently acquiring and processing contact or non-contact real-time scan data at a rate of more than two million points per second. Block segmentation of the point cloud data is then used for applications such as extraction, fitting, analysis and meshing.

The utilisation of human and technical resources improves significantly when all measuring devices can be operated with the same measurement software and skillsets — resulting in a measurement solution for the entire manufacturing enterprise. Using Verisurf software to control all the measuring devices makes resource management more efficient, training more effective and, what's more, the software's new performance and productivity features are available to everyone at the same time, the company claims.

Together with its partner Blankenhorn, Verisurf Software will demonstrate various measuring, inspection, reverse engineering as well as tooling applications such as Coord3 (programmable CMM with Renishaw, Revo 5-axis measuring system), Master 3D Gage (portable CMM with an optional laser scanner), CMM Master (programmable, portable CMM solution) as well as robotic 3D scanning, inspection and quality reporting at Control 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany.

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