Jones & Shipman/ Mach Universal grinding machine concept makes its UK debut

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Mach will see Jones and Shipman presenting several highlights of the Hardinge Group at its booth including the premiere of an Okamoto toolroom machine.

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The new Kellenberger 100 machine, which can be tailored to meet customer requirements, will make its UK debut at Mach 2018.
The new Kellenberger 100 machine, which can be tailored to meet customer requirements, will make its UK debut at Mach 2018.
(Source: Jones & Shipman)

Among the Hardinge grinding brands in the UK that Jones and Shipman represents are Kellenberger, Hauser, Voumard, Tschudin, Usach and the latest, Okamoto Works, which will make a first Mach appearance with its Okamoto ACC-63SA surface grinder, a toolroom machine.

The Jones booth will also host the UK debut of a new Kellenberger universal grinding machine concept, Kellenberger 100, which the company says can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. The 100 series platform represents a complete overhaul of the high-performance, economical grinder segment in the Group’s portfolio, which can meet a range of future manufacturing demands. Based on a modular design, it incorporates key elements of Kellenberger's Vista and Vita model ranges, the Jones & Shipman Ultramat CNC and Ultragrind 1000 as well as the Tschudin T25.


For the 100 series, according to the company, Kellenberger has developed a platform on which diverse machine concepts can be realised in line with customer budgets and performance expectations. As such, an offering of a diverse range of configurations for achieving a large range of grinding operations is now available at a competitive price. In terms of functionality, the new 100 platform exceeds the capabilities of many existing grinding machines, the company claims. Because of its modular configuration, assembly of the 100 series machines is simplified, making it possible to optimise manufacturing costs for the machine as well as ensuring a good price/performance ratio for the purchaser. Numerous “standard” options can also be added to include the customer’s finishing touches on each individual machine, Jones notes.

The machine to be showcased at the trade fair will be the 1000 mm-between-centres variant, equipped with a We-Flex automated load/unload system supplied by Wenger AG. The company adds that this is an option that can be fitted to any Kellenberger 100 derivative.

Other machines at the booth include the Suprema Easy cylindrical grinding machine.

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