Standard slides Unique guiding concept for low production volumes

Source: Press release MA Alexander Stark

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With the new compact Powermax PMOKL, Strack Norma offers a further development of its standard cam units series Powermax, which offers users a unique guiding concept.

The new Power Max Kompakt Light PMOKL for small production quantities.
The new Power Max Kompakt Light PMOKL for small production quantities.
(Source: Strack Norma)

Tight spaces and fewer and fewer tool steps are the demands placed on designers. With the Powermax cam unit of the first generation, the standard parts manufacturer Strack Norma offers compact standard cam units. The Powermax Kompakt (PMOK) introduced in 2017 combines attributes such as high running precision, maximum pressing and retracting forces as well as a further significantly reduced installation depth in one product and is thus the consistent solution for the small space.

Technologically based on the PMOK, the newly developed compact light cam unit PMOKL features unique guide concept in the low volume sector. The prismatic dovetail guide implements self-centring with high precision, ensures good compensation of lateral forces as well as maximum retraction forces. Like the PMOK, the PMOKL has been made up to 30 percent shorter than standard slides on the market.

An optional contactless sensor detects the end position for control purposes and thus significantly increases production reliability.

The active retraction, i.e. the retraction of the slide body, is supported by precisely fitting clamps with sintered sliding elements; in addition, gas springs are also used in accordance with the standard.

The cam unit range of the PMOKL covers widths of up to 460 mm and can be easily interchanged with the PMOK. Thus, in terms of the derivatisation of models with ever smaller batch sizes, the PMOKL fits ideally into the current concept of the automotive industry.


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