AM Technology Ultimaker launches new flagship S-Series 3D printer

Source: Ultimaker

The new Ultimaker S7 3D printer builds on the company’s S-Series printers, with new features including an integrated Air Manager and a flexible build plate which improves ease-of-use and reliability.

Part produced by Igus using the Ultimaker S7
Part produced by Igus using the Ultimaker S7
(Source: Ultimaker)

3D printing company Ultimaker announced the launch of the Ultimaker S7 — the latest entry in the company’s series of ‘S’ 3D printers. The S7 introduces a range of new features designed for ease of use and print reliability. A new flexible build plate makes removing prints a breeze and the integrated Air Manager filters out up to 95% of UFPs and improves temperature regulation. The S7 also features improved automated bed leveling for reliable first-layer adhesion.

Material partner, Igus had the opportunity to preview the S7 and test the system. Their AM Development Engineer, Niklas Eutebach states: “We saw that the new bed leveling system on the S7 really helps us print very precise parts with the right mechanical properties using our materials.”

Advances in temperature regulation on the S7 allow users to capitalize on the large 330 x 240 x 300 mm build volume — with reliable accuracy from the first printed layer to the last. The flexplate also provides easy part removal post printing, reducing labor so users can get on with other tasks.

The S7 will be compatible with the Ultimaker ecosystem of over 200 materials and offers seamless integration with the Ultimaker Cura software. With the S7 Pro Bundle, users can also pair the S7 with the Ultimaker Material Station to print with up to six spools with automatic material switching and humidity control.


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