3D printing materials Ultimaker introduces PET CF for stronger, resilient 3D printed parts

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3D printing company Ultimaker announces the addition of PET Carbon Fiber (CF), an easy-to-use and versatile composite material, to its portfolio of high-performance materials for S series 3D printers. PET CF offers superior strength, high heat resistance and high chemical resistance for strong high-performance thermoplastic applications.

Ultimaker offers PET CF in multiple colors, including black, gray, and blue.
Ultimaker offers PET CF in multiple colors, including black, gray, and blue.
(Source: Ultimaker)

The newly added Ultimaker PET CF allows engineers to produce stronger and more accurate parts for a multitude of applications, such as manufacturing tools, jigs and fixtures, and end-use parts. Engineers can also leverage the benefits of PET CF for their engineering prototypes, enabling easy and extensive testing of technical concepts and functions. Moreover, PET CF offers a solution for replacing broken or hard-to-source production parts. By utilising its strong mechanical and thermal properties, manufacturers can swiftly print replacement components, eliminating the need for costly production line shutdowns, the company claims. The material's strength and stiffness make it ideal for high-performance applications, delivering enhanced part performance even under demanding conditions.

One of the features of PET CF is its ability to achieve even higher strength, stiffness, and temperature resistance through annealing. By annealing printed parts, engineers can achieve a temperature resistance of up to 181°C and increase strength by up to 30 percent and stiffness by up to ten percent, resulting in parts that excel in challenging environments.

Exhibiting low moisture sensitivity compared to other carbon fiber materials, PET CF requires limited drying. When stored in the Ultimaker Material Station, it remains well-conditioned, enabling a reliable printing experience and consistently high-quality prints. PET CF is compatible with dedicated support materials, such as Ultimaker PVA and Breakaway, offering users full design freedom and enabling the creation of complex composite parts without limitations.

The company also offers PET CF in multiple colours, including black, gray and blue. This feature allows users to colour code their carbon fiber prints, catering to specific use cases or aesthetic requirements. The material is fully integrated into the Ultimaker platform through NFC-equipped spools, offering a seamless experience that makes use of NFC material recognition, a dedicated Print Core CC, support material compatibility and intent profiles.

For users who want a complete composite printing solution, PET CF will also be available as part of the PET CF Expansion Kit. The Expansion Kit includes two spools of PET CF in black and one spool each in both blue and gray. It also includes one 0.4 mm Print Core CC and one 0.6 mm Print Core CC.


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