High-feed cutters Tungaloy presents new milling range of cutting tools

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Cutting tool specialist Tungaloy UK has launched the new Add-Do-Feed Series. Developed for high feed milling on small parts, the new line exceeds the cost efficiencies and productivity benefits of the Do-Feed solutions, the company states.

The new Adddofeed uses small size 02 inserts with a 4 mm inscribed circle and offers close pitch cutter bodies.
The new Adddofeed uses small size 02 inserts with a 4 mm inscribed circle and offers close pitch cutter bodies.
(Source: Tungaloy)

Suitable for manufacturers in the mould & die, automotive, oil & gas and general engineering sectors, the Add-Doo-Feed series of milling cutters has been designed to improve productivity for end-users.

The new Add-Do-Feed uses small size 02 inserts with a 4 mm inscribed circle and offers close pitch cutter bodies that boast unrivalled insert-to-diameter density for a small diameter indexable cutter. The Add-Do-Feed small diameter high feed milling cutter series is offered in diameters of 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 25 mm. This allows the 16 mm diameter tool body to carry four inserts with five inserts on the 20 mm diameter tool and seven inserts on the 25 mm diameter tool body. This insert density enables users to ramp up feed rates and increase productivity. The tool bodies are available with a rigid short shank tool body, a long neck shank for reaching difficult to reach surfaces and also as a modular head system that is coupled with a tapered carbide shank for increased rigidity.

These tiny Add-Do-Feed-02 inserts carry all the key features that the Do-Feed inserts have been delivering, including economical double-sided inserts with four effective cutting edges and optimal inclination on the cutting edge that enables smooth chip evacuation. The inserts also have a large positive rake angle that is suitable for light cutting and process security. All these features make Add-Do-Feed an extremely productive solution for machining small parts in various material groups.

When machining narrow grooves and small cavities, chip jamming and re-cutting are particular challenges. The inclination on the cutting edge of the Add-Do-Feed insert creates optimised chip formation that eliminates chip re-cutting and prolongs insert tool life. The Add-Do-Feed is available with three insert grades that cater for ISO materials P, M, K, S and H. The AH3225 incorporates nan multi-layered coating technology with increased resistance to wear, fracture, oxidation and built-up edges when machining steel, stainless and cast iron. The AH130 grade is a tough grade with high chipping and welding resistance that is suited to cutting stainless steel and titanium alloys. More of a universal grade, the AH8015 has a hard coating on a carbide substrate with a strong resistance to wear, heat and built-up edges. This demonstrates exceptional performance on steel, cast iron, superalloys and hard materials.

The new Add-Do-Feed products complement Tungaloy’s existing high feed milling concepts. The 21 new items of small-sized and close pitch cutters are now available in addition to the current Do-Feed series of medium diameter cutter tools that are represented by Size 03 inserts and large diameter range with Size 06 inserts.


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