Formnext Trumpf prints copper in large format with a green laser

Source: Trumpf

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Large copper components can now be processed on 3D printers from Trumpf as easily as common 3D printing materials such as stainless steel. The high-tech company has equipped its largest 3D printer, the Tru-Print 5000, with the green laser for the first time for this purpose.

With the green laser, the Tru-Print 5000 Green Edition can also additively manufacture large copper components.
With the green laser, the Tru-Print 5000 Green Edition can also additively manufacture large copper components.
(Source: Trumpf)

The green laser of Trumpf’s Tru-Print 5000 is crucial for processing copper. With the Tru-Print 5000 Green Edition, the company is responding to the demand for systems with larger installation space for the production of copper components.

The system is energy efficient and repeatable. Therefore, it is well suited for series production. Users produce large copper components faster and in higher quality with the new Tru-Print 5000 Green Edition system than with comparable machines using infrared technology, the company states.

Hybrid production is now possible with the new Tru-Print 5000. The user no longer has to additively manufacture the entire component. This lowers costs. For example, users of the can use the Preform function to print special functions such as cooling channels onto milled or cast components. In the large installation space of the system, maintenance technicians can also repair turbine blades of engines additively.

With its three fiber lasers, the Tru-Print 5000 can produce metal components even faster. The lasers automatically measure themselves during the construction job at a freely selectable interval and correct their position independently. This ensures very high accuracy and saves time because the user no longer has to interrupt the construction job for up to an hour for the measurement. This function also allows the Tru-Print 5000 to measure and recalibrate itself before and after each build job. It is no longer necessary for a service technician from Trumpf to come to the machine to do this.


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