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The next industrial revolution will mark a huge leap in all technologies and sectors of the industry. In this dossier, you will find all relevant ETMM articles on the topic.

Digitalisation, digitisation, smart technology and a lot of 4.0 behind different terms. It can be difficult to separate one aspect from another and often there is a considerable amount of overlap in the terminology of Industry 4.0.
This dossier acts as a compendium of the most-read and most-relevant articles regarding the topic. It covers a large period of ETMM history, which just goes to show how important the topic truly is. 
The articles cover the different terminology, as well as practical examples of what it can mean to become 4.0, is various areas. One article also deals with the underlying fear of machines replacing humans in the factories of the world.
4.0 has already arrived but it will stay with us for an immensely long time. Therefore, being knowledgable about the challenges of this event is essential.

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Whitepaper Cover: ETMM-Online


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