Market News Thyssenkrupp and Steag invest in green hydrogen

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Green hydrogen could become an important pillar of the energy industry. But for this to happen, it must be available in large quantities.Production on an industrial scale could soon be possible.

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Roughly 75.000 t of hydrogen could be produced on a yearly basis at Steag.
Roughly 75.000 t of hydrogen could be produced on a yearly basis at Steag.
(Source: - Hans Blossey)

The Essen-based energy company Steag, Thyssenkrupp Steal Europe and the electrolysis supplier Thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers want to produce green hydrogen together. They are currently working on a feasibility study. The aim of the project is to produce hydrogen in large quantities at the Steag site in Duisburg-Walsum. The electrolysers for this will come from Krupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers. The green hydrogen will then be used in the Krupp steelworks in Duisburg. The three companies are all participating as investors and also want to attract public and private investors.

Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe initially wants to use the green hydrogen in its existing blast furnaces as a substitute for carbon. In the further course of the project, it is to be used in a direct reduction plant. According to the steel group, it expects to need 20,000 tonnes of hydrogen per year already in the coming years. By 2050, this figure could rise to 720,000 t per year.

Electrolysers with a capacity of up to 500 MW could be built on Steag’s premises. That would correspond to a hydrogen production of 75,000 t per year. According to Krupp, this is enough for the first planned direct reduction plant. The Duisburg steelworks is to be connected to the Essen-based energy company by two pipelines. The two sites are only about 3 km apart. Project development is planned directly following the feasibility study.

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