MEX / Hermle Three new models by Hermle

Editor: Steffen Donath

Milling machine manufacturer Berthold Hermle has developed the C 650 machining centre, extending its Performance Line series by providing three models for economical, 3 and 5-axis machining.

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Options for individual and economical usage extend the range of applications for the C 650.
Options for individual and economical usage extend the range of applications for the C 650.
(Source: Berthold Hermle)

The Performance Line, placed below the High Performance Line, in terms of performance, comprises the models C 12, C 22, C 32, C 42, C 52 and C 62 – all nearly matching the performance of the High Performance range, with differences in accessory diversity and price, Hermle says.

The C 650, the highlight at MEX, uses a modification of Hermle’s tried-and-tested gantry-type design, with a mineral-cast machine bed that is manufactured at Hermle’s own, brand-new mineral casting foundry. The integrated, rigid clamping table can accomodate workpieces of up to 3,000 kg (1,050 x 900 x 600 mm) in the 3-axis version, making it ideal for toolmaking, mould construction and machine construction. The swivelling rotary table of the 5-axis version can accommodate workpieces of up to 1,500 kg (Ø 900 x 600 mm), allowing for precise machining. The traverse path in the stainless-steel-clad working area measuring 1,050 x 900 x 600 mm has a vertical table clearance of 775 mm and a 1050-mm door aperture – all suitable parameters for simple and safe crane-charging. The C 650 has an integrated tool magazine for 42 tools. Two additional magazines with 50 or 88 magazine pockets are available as options. The control panel of the C 650 is also designed to swivel easily to the magazine-loading location, which enables the operator to load the tool data directly into the tool table of the control system. The 200 mm-high platform, adapted to the loading point, puts the operator in an optimal ergonomic position to load and unload tools. The Heidenhain TNC 640 control system in the C 650 comes as standard, providing full programming capacity. The control panel has a 19-inch colour TFT touchscreen.