Trade fair preview Kuteno Strack Norma presents new products for increasing efficiency in tool and mould making

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Supplies of standard parts, Starck Norma, will present its new products for tool and mould making at Kuteno, the subcontracting fair for the plastics processing industry, from 10 to 12 May in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany.

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For high demands in stamping and forming technology as well as in machine and fixture construction, Strack Norma now has compression springs from 6 mm diameter in its product range.
For high demands in stamping and forming technology as well as in machine and fixture construction, Strack Norma now has compression springs from 6 mm diameter in its product range.
(Source: Strack Norma)

From now on, the Z4279 mini slide from Strack Norma is available with a DLC-coated slide carriage, which is low-wear and low-maintenance and, due to its non-lubricated components, is particularly suitable for applications in medical and cleanroom technology. The inclined column is supplied with a length of 400 mm and a diameter of 10 g6 and can be individually shortened according to the tool requirements.

For the designer, the use of the Z4279 offers the advantage of being able to integrate more and more components into an injection mould. The demoulding of undercuts even in small mould sizes with limited space is thus possible without any problems, and thanks to the compact design of the smallest mini-slider on the market, a comfortable and quick integration into the injection mould can be carried out at any time.

With the Z7701, the company is expanding its product portfolio and now offers a new filter whose housing is made entirely of stainless steel. Particularly resistant to aggressive and acid-resistant cooling media, it can be used in medical and clean room technology.

The Z7701 water filter, which was developed for small cooling bores or core cooling, removes the finest dirt particles from the cooling circuit thanks to its fine filter insert with 100 μ mesh size, which can otherwise lead to clogged cooling channels or early wear of sealing elements. This makes it ideal for applications with laser-sintered mould inserts and thin cooling water bores, as it actively prevents contamination and the associated reduction in flow. Due to its uncomplicated design, the easily removable filter insert can be removed, washed out and cleaned without any problems. The temperature control filter is ready for immediate use and can be connected directly to the periphery via the Z7709 quick coupling and easily mounted on the mould or machine using the supplied fastening clamp. It is also possible to use the ½ inch thread on both sides for the connection.

High-precision tool guidance thanks to centring units Z60 and Z70

Strack Norma is expanding its range of centring units with the space-saving variants Z60 and Z70, which are optimally suited for narrow installation spaces thanks to the small installation diameter and the low installation depth. The two new cylindrical centring units Z60 and Z70 are available in different dimensions from a guide diameter of 6 mm. Thanks to their installation diameter of 8 to 20 mm and their small installation depth of 9 to 11 mm, they are particularly suitable for small installation spaces. While the Z60 is only screwed in from the rear, the Z70 can be mounted or dismounted either from the parting line or the rear. Since the mounting in the mould can be easily produced, the centring units offer new possibilities for positioning plates or inserts in the mould at low cost.

New system pressure springs for the smallest inserts

For the highest demands in stamping and forming technology as well as in machine and fixture construction, Strack Norma now has the smallest compression springs from 6 mm diameter in its product range. The new series of small system compression springs is especially designed for use in small bead breakers, spring-loaded pressure pieces or small spring-loaded units. Made of spring wire with a round cross-section, the springs are available in four load types. The colour gradation in green, blue, red and yellow corresponds to the proven system compression springs according to DIN ISO 10243. With the same installation dimensions in sleeve/mandrel diameter and length, the springs differ in in spring force and possible spring deflection. Here, the designer can choose the right spring to suit his installation case.

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